Electrical Tokenized heat Energy? micro-to-macro manage your energy

THE MATHEMATICAL MAGIC BEHIND THE CORPUS CRYPTO- 1 KILO-JOULES IS THE EQUAL OF 4.786 jouls ;– 2,000 .0000kilo-jouls “calories” x 4786 –is–9,572,000.00000001 JOULES.     corpus        crypto-            what the fuck?- que es este mierda?, basic electrical math, conversion con                                                                                        //?\\ cryptographically convertible virtual currency? (CVC) ???///?\\\
authorized to TRADE- your energy-‘CALORIES into KILO-JILOS‘-L.P.i. authorized to “mint” 9,572,000.00000001 per-60 second charge-NOV 22-2020                                                                        yo MIT- 5 SIDED polygon-patent THAT  SHIT WE-#beatchina