Crypto-Currency- What is Cryptography and how does it relate to digital assets = current-sea?

  1. the art of writing or solving codes.

What “code” Code-or language of computers, “when all is said and done, computers only understand one language, {machine language} which is entirely made up of binary (BITS) OR 0’S & 1’S-)

    HENCE (BIT-coin)-

It is possible to program in binary- it would be time-consuming- so we humans developed programming languages to make it easier to develop software. 

A milli-bitcoin (mBTC) represents 1 / 1,000th of a bitcoin or appx. $10 USD.-$212.528 MXN-$38,294.28 COP–-$783.122 ARS

A micro-bitcoin, or ubit (μBTC) represents 1 / 1,000,000th of a bitcoin or $0.01 USD (one penny)=$0.212388 MXN–$38.3112 COP—$0.7831234 ARS

A satoshi is one hundred millionth of a single bitcoin or $0.0001 USD.
$.00211211 MXN$.388867 COP$.0078248 ARS
It’s the smallest unit of bitcoin that can be recorded on the blockchain

Cuanto es uno BIT“? How much is 1 Bit?
Pre-defined values- 
1 Satoshi= 0.00000001 ฿

10 Satoshi= 0.00000010 ฿

100 Satoshi= 0.00000100 ฿= 1 Bit / μBTC (you-bit)

1,000 Satoshi= 0.00001000 ฿

10,000 Satoshi= 0.00010000 ฿

100,000 Satoshi= 0.00100000 ฿= 1 mBTC (em-bit)

1,000,000 Satoshi= 0.01000000 ฿= 1 cBTC (bitcent)

10,000,000 Satoshi= 0.10000000 ฿

100,000,000 Satoshi= 1.00000000 ฿

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